Today I was supposed to be on my way to Nashville for stop 7 on the tour.

Instead, I’m on my way to Dallas to spend the day with my wife watching the Texas v TCU football game. I should be thrilled to get to see the game (I’m a Longhorn and my wife is a Horned Frog) but it’s a bittersweet opportunity.

As I noted in yesterday’s Atlanta post — weekends are tough. We saw it in Chicago, I’m seeing it in Dallas (tomorrow’s event) and in Nashville, trying to drive folks to a Saturday night happy hour book signing, even for a great cause proved impossible.

Also, like Atlanta, we had a major conflict — there was a big digital conference going on this weekend, which I know for a fact drew a number of folks that might have attended.

In retrospect, I shouldn’t have scheduled Nashville. But when we couldn’t find space in Birmingham (the original #7 stop on the tour) due to a big football game in town, I scrambled to find a city that travel wise, fit into the #7 slot.

I also had a great guy in Rick Rodriguez that I knew would just work his tail off trying to raise money for his charity. So together, knowing it was an uphill battle, we did our best to make it happen. By the way, Rick’s looking for a new gig and if you’re a company in the Nashville area — you’d be a complete idiot not to look him up. I’ve never met a more authentic, committed, doer in my life.

Unfortunately, at the beginning of the week, we both had to agree, there was just no way it was going to happen. So regretfully, we decided to postpone the event. I’m hopeful that we’ll find a way to reschedule the stop in the future, but in the meantime, I’m making a donation to Second Harvest Food House in Rick’s name and jetting to Ft. Worth.