I’m visiting 10 Cities in 10 Days.

To raise $10,000 for local charities.

Can you help me reach the goal?

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When I set out to write The Invisible Sale, my goal was to create a tool, not a trophy. And now I’m extending that philosophy to the book tour too!¬†Instead of a boring book signing, I’ve partnered with friends in 10 cities who have each selected a local charity that they feel deeply connected to in some way.

Together, we’re creating #ivs4charity networking events in each city: Chicago, Milwaukee, Boston, New York City, Washington, DC, Atlanta, Nashville, Dallas, Austin and then my hometown of New Orleans, LA!

I’d love to have you join us for cocktails, hors de vors and networking while helping 10 great causes.

To kick off the giving, I’m donating 50% of ticket sales to the respective charities my friends have selected.

And I’m really excited to announce that my friends over at The DoubleTree Hotels are donating the event locations, all the hors d’oeuvres and staffing AT NO COST. And most of the individual hotels are donating a portion of the evening’s bar tab to the charity in their city.

We’re doing our part but we can’t do it without YOU! ¬† So click your city to get all the details and purchase your ticket today!


BOSTON #ivs4charity book tour






#ivs4charity book tour New Orleans hosted by Rick Crozier